The Early Stuff:
  Short Stories
New Year's Eve, 1996
Business Trip
Love At First Sight
"You may already know what a blow to the ego it can be to have to read over anything you wrote 20 years ago,
even cancelled checks. My first reaction, rereading these stories, was
oh my God, accompanied by physical
symptoms we shouldn't dwell upon. My second thought was about some kind of a wall-to-wall rewrite. These two
impulses have given way to one of those episodes of middle-aged tranquility, in which I now pretend to have
reached a level of clarity about the young writer I was back then. I mean I can't very well just 86 this guy from my
life... It is only fair to warn even the most kindly disposed of readers that there are some mighty tiresome
passages here, juvenile and delinquent too."
                                                                            Thomas Pynchon, from the Introduction to
Slow Learner
The First Thing I Ever Wrote